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Ludmila Stefanikova

Ludmila Stefanikova - Alternate Mode Artist

Ludmila Stefanikova was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, into an artistic family, where she grew up surrounded by music and theater. Playing piano at the age of 6 and singing in the children’s choir at the age of 10 gave her the desire to dedicate herself to music completely. As a young pianist, Ludmila started to play in a children’s group at the local music school, ZUS Halkova. The teacher of the ensemble, Pavol Pogany, was also a bass and drum set instructor and inspired her to start drum set lessons. At the age of 19, Ludmila was the first woman to be accepted as a percussion principal at the National Conservatory in Bratislava and graduated in 2005.

Even though Ludmila was passionate about classical music, she was always looking for freedom and more creative liberty as a performer, composer, and interpreter. In her early 20’s, Ludmila was given a Steps Ahead album and was captivated by Mike Manieri’s playing. She then moved to Paris in 2005 to study vibraphone at American School of Modern Music. In 2009, Ludmila was accepted to Berklee College of Music, where she studied with Ed Saindon, Dave Samuels, Phil Wilson, Greg Hopkins, George Garzone, Ed Tomassi and David Fiuczynski, to name a few, In May 2011, she was the third person from Slovakia to graduate from Berklee within the last 15 years.

Ludmila is experienced, as a multi-instrumentalist, in many different styles of music. Living in Boston after her graduation (May’11) from Berklee, Ludmila is active as a music composer, arranger, performer and educator in the Boston area.

Ludmila is enjoying playing percussion parts in musicals at the community theaters. In May and July 2011, Ludmila played shows under musical direction of Mr Howard Boles. In Turtle Lane, Newton: "The Drowsy Chaperone" and in Vokes Theatre, Wayland: "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee".

Her passion for big bands lead her to the project, where she arranged 7 original compositions of her for 16 musicians (17 instruments), and produced her debut album that she released in July 2011: "Be Beautiful, Rainbow Memories for 17-piece Jazz Orchestra, Dedicated to Phil Wilson"

Ludmila is now preparing her CD Release party, which will be held in Washington DC in October/2011. 

In June 2011, Ludmila is proud to become an artist of Alternate Mode, and, as a first person form Slovakia, receive an electronic mallet midi controller instrument from Alternate Mode.



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