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Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers - Alternate Mode Artist

From jazz in the early sixties, to funk fusion in the 70s and 80s to hip hop collaborations with artists such as Guru and The Roots in the 90s, the music of the venerable mallet percussionist Roy Ayers has been called Acid Jazz by many. Whatever you call it, Roy's mix of fluent improvisation, dance floor rhythms, and incredible showmanship continues to electrify audiences worldwide well into the millenium. Now a compilation of concert footage from all these eras has been released on DVD, with vibraphone as well as newer MalletKAT Pro performances. In fact today Roy uses the MalletKAT Pro exclusively for live shows.

To purchase the full length DVD "Roy Ayers All Over the World" or for any other merchandise orders including T-shirts, DVD's and CD's, please contact:


AFI-CD Records Inc.

     Contact: Ayana Ayers

     Roy Ayers Productions Company Inc.

     Fax: 646-314-5106


For booking and management inquiries, please contact:

     Jeff Epstein

     Universal Attractions Booking Agency

     Phone: 212-582-7575 ext 106

     Fax: 212-333-4508



     145 West 57th Street 15th Floor
     New York, NY 10019



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