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Ruslan Moiseev

Ruslan Moiseev - Alternate Mode Artist
Ruslan Moiseev - Alternate Mode Artist
I am a professional drummer, percussionist, composer, songwriter, bandleader and teacher. I consider myself as a seeker and sharer of professional knowledge and experience. My interests refuse confinement to category, and having extraordinary will, energy, insatiable enthusiasm and curiosity of life, I am anxious to continually expand my creative capabilities and to explode any limitations. 
I am musical college graduate and have got both longtime studio practicing as a drummer, composer, arranger, and also onstage experience at professional level. Have authored 4 albums of songs and instrumentals in styles ranging from progressive-rock to neo-classica to power jazz-rock/fusion. One of my current projects is Marimba versions of my own pieces originally written for my band and for some other instruments to perform them live on my malletKAT.