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Stefan Lipson

Stefan Lipson - Alternate Mode Artist


Detroit-born Stefan Lipson started playing drums when he was 5 years old and began working professionally at 13. Influenced by Detroit’s rich musical community and inspired by promising new technologies, Lipson began exploring  the world of music performance software, eventually creating Sybil, the first program intended specifically for performing musicians.

20 years later, Lipson has revisited the world of real-time performance tools. Kaleido, his newest performance software, allows a performing musician to reconfigure and redefine the capabilities of any MIDI capable musical instrument with the click of a button.

"As a musician who spent many years shedding and developing my skills, I just want to play. I want to apply the skills and technique I’ve developed on my instrument to express myself and so I’m not interested in technology for technology’s sake. That’s why I love using Kaleido…because it’s not about technology, it’s about extending and redirecting the instrumental technique and ideas I have. With Kaleido, I don’t give the computer any creative control and I don’t surrender any of the creative decision-making process to my gear. Kaleido just frees me to redefine the capabilities — to reconfigure on a tune-by-tune basis — what my axe can do so that I can be expressive in ways that were previously unimaginable: I can play melodies, solo over changes, play complex, multi-instrumental arrangements employing a 10+ octave range — relying solely on my instrumental technique as a drummer to achieve some amazing live performance results. I couldn’t do it without Kaleido and I can’t do it without my instrumental technique. The technology allows me to apply my musical skills and knowledge in totally transformative ways."






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