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Sylvain Fabre

Sylvain Fabre - Alternate Mode Artist


Sylvain FABRE "Tango", percussions


Musician of classic formation (training), Sylvain was always interested by different musicals periods. Since 1993 it develops a lot of activities around Early music, more particularly the French Renaissance, notably within the "Compagnie Outre Mesure", while being at present the percussionist of "SLOÏ" (world music), or of "Ibrahim MAALOUF" (oriental jazz electro). He also participates in concerts with the "concert d’Astrée, Emmanuelle Haïm" (baroque music), "Turchescha" (Turkish and baroque music and song), "SAROCCHI" (Corsica music and song), as well as with diverse symphony orchestra "O. de Picardie", "O.S. of Mulhouse", "O. Colonne", or the "Polyphonic Choir of Auvergne" with whom he played soloist. All these band or orchestras allow him to play worldwide and to record a lot of disks. He also develops the educational aspect of the percussions in structures such as the "CNR of Tours" and "ST-CYR-SUR-LOIRE music school" where he is titular. Always diversified, his projects also articulate around the association "Thème peaux" (concerts organization) of which he is member staff, and the publication of a percussion method, as well as Music group method in co-realization.