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Takomo Percussion

Takomo Percussion - Alternate Mode Artist
Takomo Percussion - Alternate Mode Artist

Takomo is a group of innovative and openminded musicians. Behind the band's unique touch are four classically educated percussionists, who mix electronic music and live percussions together in a way never seen before.

Takomo is a Finnish electric percussion band from Tampere, formed in 2008. All of the members work at different areas of music and have played percussions since childhood. "I was 8-years old when I started music school. We all have same kind of background and "musical path" as percussion players and it of course makes it easier to create music together." says Timo.

These long time friends and fellow musicians all have very unique individual interests and skills that they bring to the band; Mikko is working as the main-producer, Juho with the electronics/malletKat, Timo with the percussion-setup and Oskari on the drum set. This all put together makes the "Takomo-sound".


Shows in concert halls, collaboration with many Finnish artists, tours to the music schools around the country, live show aired on national television, cover videos on youtube, including the cover of Martin Garrix's megahit Animals, and lots of more. "What can you say, we have always done what's been interesting and fun for us at the moment. With closest friends and great musicians it`s fun to experience new musical things." tells Juho.