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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith - Alternate Mode Artist
Taylor Smith - Alternate Mode Artist

Taylor Smith is a multi-instrumental Montreal based musician.  Born in Calgary, Canada in 1989, he was introduced to playing music in the context of the school band program.  Beginning with the trombone, Smith subsequently dabbled with piano, guitar, drums, as well as upright and electric bass.  In 2007, during his last year of high school, he and a few friends formed BRAIDS, the band Smith predominantly performs with today.

Oscillating between density and spaciousness, BRAIDS sound is not easy to define. The four members construct music which is ample and rolling, but filled with texture and startling immediacy. Though BRAIDS dives into moments of obscurity and experimentation, there remains embedded within the music the hypnosis of an unforgettable pop tune.

In early 2011, BRAIDS released their first full length album Native Speaker, a collection of songs written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band over the two years prior.  Through 2011, BRAIDS toured extensively in North America and all over Europe in support of the record.  The band is currently at home in Montreal, beginning a new phase of musical exploration and growth.