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Tommy Thomas

Tommy Thomas - Alternate Mode Artist
Tommy Thomas - Alternate Mode Artist

A working musician for sixty years, man and boy, Tommy specializes in diversifying. He not only plays all kinds of music but is passionate about doing so. His talents stretch from Jazz and Latin to traditional music, from Forties Swing to German Oompah music, from light classical to comedy.


Honing his musical skills initially in the band of the  9/12th Royal Lancers  and at the Royal military School of music at Kneller Hall  he transferred to the band of the  Coldstream Guards performing on one occasion before an audience of many millions, (The funeral of Winston Churchill). The Coldstreams also provided the theme music for the ever popular Dad’s Army series.  On leaving the Army he commenced a long career as a freelance musician embracing Light Orchestral, with the BBC Northern Ireland Light orchestra, jazz, cabaret and session work. An accomplished performer on the drum kit and all forms of percussion, Tommy nowadays devotes himself to playing the vibraphone and the ‘Malletkat’, a synthesized mallet percussion instrument capable of producing an awesome range of musical effects or of replicating any and all sounds and feels of music, also to producing his own comedy videos.