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Vaughan "Bon" Harris


Vaughan "Bon" Harris hails from Chelmsford, Essex, England and now resides in Los Angeles. A founding member of British EBM group Nitzer Ebb, Harris played drums and synthesizers and programmed Nitzer Ebb's signature sound. Many of the pioneering electronic bands and solo musicians of the last two decades cite Nitzer Ebb's music as highly influential on their own experimental sounds.


Since Nitzer Ebb's last album in 1995, Harris has become an in-demand collaborator working with Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, Evanescence, AFI, Avril Lavigne, Bush, and Billy Corgan, who asked Bon to co-produce his solo album, TheFutureEmbrace. Harris's current band, Maven, was recently signed by Cordless Recordings. He also worked closely with Marilyn Manson, programming electronics and recording for his 2000 album Holy Wood. Manson later appeared as a guest on Maven's cover of Nick Cave's "Hard On For Love".


In 2006, Nitzer Ebb treated their fans to a worldwide tour, selling out shows across Europe and the US. Recently, Harris has been commissioned as a freelance composer for indie film and television programming - including Bravo's popular Project Runway series. In 2007, Harris began composing score pieces for the development of independent thriller The Letters, and Nitzer Ebb returned to the studio to complete their long awaited new album.


2004 sees Mute Records honor the enduring influence of Nitzer Ebb with a comprehensive retrospective entitled "Body of Work" (2004). This double CD and DVD package is sure to thrill both converts and the uninitiated alike, and with the growth of interest in a period of electronic music's history that Nitzer Ebb made their own, is sure to see their rampant energy moving dance floors all over the world once more.

2009 begins a new era for Nitzer Ebb, with new music and tour coming soon…