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Vince Tricarico

Vince Tricarico - Alternate Mode Artist
Vince Tricarico - Alternate Mode Artist


I've been a huge RUSH/Neil Peart fan for many years. No other drummer has caught

my attention more than Neil Peart. I first heard RUSH when a friend played the drum

solo from the All The World's a Stage version of Working Man/Finding My Way. From

that moment on it's been a journey to learn as much as I can from him - his style and

attention to detail is what I like most. I've had the pleasure (through a mutual friend and

Jack Secret) of meeting the guys in the band (although they wouldn't know me if walked

up to them) and attending several soundchecks when they come to town. One incredible

moment was on the Presto Tour (after Neil painted the White w/Pink Ludwig's Purple).

He came out with what appeared to be an 8x12 tom still in the White w/Pink (I believe

those Ludwig's were 9" deep) and placed it in the kit, tuned it and played it with the 6, 8,

and 10 (all in Purple). He was listening to that on tom for about 20 minutes or so - now

that's cool. Another was standing side stage right of Alex on the Vapor Trials Tour while

they soundchecked 'The Pass'. I couldn't believe how loud they were - and I was hearing

the side fills monitors and hearing the echo in the house. Insane!!


For me, I've played in every form of band from first playing with intermediate/high

school bands, local cover bands, original bands, and all the way to being signed to Arista

Records in 1989. But after all that I still find my self wishing I was playing music full-

time. For whatever reason it wasn't in the cards - to be the next 'big' band. So when I

came to terms with all that - I stopped and thought. If I could play music what would

make you the happiest - it was easy - RUSH. So after years of playing, I joined a

guitarist (Andy) who was looking to start a RUSH Cover band. We quickly found our

Keyboardist/Singer (D Paul) and plugged in our Bass Player (Michael) after that. So

Blame Canada was completed just six months ago and we're now out and playing.


The goal of this band is to have fun (much like Geddy, Alex and Neil do today). Not take

ourselves so seriously like so many progressive bands do. Blame Canada sounds like

RUSH but we look like Bob and Doug McKenzie. We've adopted an entire Canadian

Theme for the live show. You’ll find photos of Willilam Shatner, Count Floyd, misc.

Canadian Beer references, the Canadian Mountie, and last but not least 'The Man Against

the Leaf'. The name was inspired by South Park.


I play the DW Collectors Series in the Candy Apple Red. All the shells are exactly

as Neil Peart's R30 Kit (if you're a Peart Fan you know the sizes); The Cymbals are

A. Zildjians with the exception of the 18" Wuhan China Type (Again, if you're a fan

you'll find the cymbals sizes too); I play the MalletKAT Express w/ Kurzweil PC2

sounds and would like to thank Mario and Connie at AlternateMode for their support

and the wonderful instrument; there are also the semi-melodic cowbells (for A Passage

to Bangkok, The Trees, and Xanadu). Lastly, we carry all the drums around in Calzone

ATA Road Case provided by Vin Calzone - special thanks to Linda Tilson.