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Yoshio Machida

Yoshio Machida - Alternate Mode Artist
Yoshio Machida - Alternate Mode Artist

Yoshio Machida (ASCAP) is a sound & visual artist, Steel Pan player. Born in Japan in 1967.
He studied minimal art / music / film extensively under Kuniharu Akiyama, Yoshiaki Touno, Sakumi Hagiwara, Kishio Suga at Tama art university in Tokyo.

So far Machida has participated in art events / music festivals like ISEA2004, Sonar-Tokyo, Europhonics Jazz Festival, Maerz Musik Festival, etc.. He has been introduced in a book "Haunted Weather" by David Toop and also has been introduced with the artists like Yoshihide Otomo, Sachiko M, Merzbow, Aki Onda, Haco, Toshimaru Nakamura, minamo, Yannis Kyriakides, Alejandra & Aeron, etc. in some compilation albums (Improvised Music from Japan, Sub Rosa, Unsound, Cubicfabric, etc.). In 2005, "Afterimage" (from CD: Hypernatural #2, Softl Music) had been used as the soundtrack for French TV spot, "Visual".

In the 90s, he was involved in international cooperation work in Asia, Africa and Mexico. Through this work, he was inspired by Pan-East Asian sun worship basis, then he had come out with collage painting & field recording works. Now Machida improvises Steel Pan (that was chosen as an instrument can be symbol of light, like Asian Gong) and electronic Steel Pan called "PanKAT". The music includes elements of ambient, experimental, electro-acoustic, noise, electronics, and contemporary music. Machida is also a band member of WALK WITH THE PENGUIN ,a collaborative post-rock with Cinc, a Serbian band and miimo ,dub-electronica unit by tatsu(bass) and Norihide Saji (drum).

In 2004, Machida founded AMORFON, a music label / a platform for contemporary art event. He has released his solo albums, unique artists' works from Eastern Europe that have not been introduced so much and "Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies", a unique compilation album consisted of only Babies' improvisations as expressing concerns about music. He organized "Japan-Macedonia exchange art exhibition" in Japan and Macedonia for the first time for both countries. As a visual artist, Machida makes "PHOTOBATIK", his original technique using photographic paper. Machida also writes for magazines, has lectures and has some unique workshops for children through his art activity.