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Zsolt Molnar

Zsolt Molnar - Alternate Mode Artist

In the summer of 2016 a real uplifting experience was to play with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra accompanied the Spanish tenor Jose Carreras. Playing at Kongsberg Jazzfestival become a tradition in 2016 as well


Moldejazz melted his heart! Playing on his vibraphone there, was one of the performing events for him in 2015. In addition to that he is also contributed to the splendid success of the Kongsberg Jazzfestival, By:Larm Music Festival (Oslo), Best Jazz Group 2007-with Headliner Jazz Band, offered by Union of Composers and MUZZA foundation and participation in the Winners Gala Concert (Bulandra Theatre - Bucharest) , first prize awarded by the International Sibiu Jazz Festival with Headliner Jazz-fusion band 2007, Oradea International Jazz Festival, Corinthe International Jazz Festival, Mediawave International Festival, Brasov Jazz Festival, first prize awarded by the International Napocenssis Jazz Festival, Balter Quintet Jazz-Fusion group 2003.


Out of festival times he is recording at studios, practicing or busy teaching diligent students. He is transferring knowledge of the percussion kits. His repertoire is wide, ranging from jazz to classical. Previous participations with different projects includes: Headliner jazz-fusion project; Emile the Duke funk, jazz, rap; International Classical Orchestra, Collaboration with Gentilia Pop (violinist and concertmaster at Rhapsody in Rock-Robert Wells band) ; Fish Alive pop band,Jazzmine jazz fusion project and so on.



All these event are based on his solid skills that he acquired at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj­Napoca. Zsolt is an Oslo based flexible musician. He is keen to co-operate with different projects and share his devotion to music.