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VFP (Premium Footswitch)

The VFP Footswitch serves as a "Normally Open" momentary footswitch.

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Yamaha FC-7 Volume Controller

The Yamaha FC-7 is a heavy-duty volume controller with "fortissimo function", which enables the user to accent certain parts of a performance. Adjustable pedal angle, spring point adjustment and a metal connection plate for multiple pedal "ganging," add a unique touch to this volume controller tailoring the pedal to various playing styles.

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KF1 (Single Footswitch)

The KF1 (Single Footswitch) comes standard with all KAT Controllers, but additional KF1s can be purchased to take advantage of the multi footswitch inputs on the controllers."Normally Open" momentary footswitch.

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Tired of cables cluttering up your jam space? This 1/4 inch jack Finger Switch is a great alternative to the usual foot switch, and works exactly the same way.

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