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malletKAT pitPADs

Theatre and nightclub musicians rejoice!!

malletKAT players will no longer be afraid of the dark...

malletKAT with pitPADs

Our Aquarian PowerDot material used on the trapKAT is now available for the malletKAT. These pads provide a much easier playing experience in "less than optimal" lighting.

An important note about pitPADS...

While pitPADS do not degrade instrument sensitivity in any way (some may find it improves it!!!), the narrower size and shape of the malletKAT "bars" creates a crinkle effect, as can be seen in the photo here.

Applying pitPADS to your instrument is permanent. Attempting to remove the pitPAD will damage your sensors!!! So please, decide if it is "worth the crinkle" before applying the pitPADS to your instrument.

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