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malletKAT Version History

V 7.1KS (chip)

DRUM KITS direct access to 128+ drumset and percussion patch sets in the Kurzweil Sound Engine.

A Note to Owners of Older KAT instruments...

KAT instruments containing the KS Series Chips (malletKAT 7KS, trapKAT 5KS, drumKAT Turbo 4.5KS) still retain all of the software functionality for controlling external MIDI modules and sound sources. However, the additional software features included in the KS Series Chips are only accessible when using Alternate Mode's Kurzweil Sound Engine.

Standing by our long tradition of upgradability, owners of older instruments have several potential choices for upgrading their equipment to take advantage of our latest features including:

V 7.0KS (chip)

DIGITAL DELAY MIDI delay with controllable tempo

USER KITS Presets available for the Kurzweil PC2R, Yamaha Motif and the new malletKAT Pro KS.

MULTIPLE BANK/PROGRAM CHANGES Now allows up to four independent changes per user kit.

MULTIPLE CONTROLLER RESASSIGNMENTS Note reassignments can occur on either Controller.

V 6.1 (chip)

DEAD STROKING.. Captures the articulation gesture of a marimba Dead Stroke and translates these MIDI notes to a seperate channel (assigned to the Ressignment) DS can be delayed for special effects.

GROUP LATCH. Special Latch Mode allows for toggling of groups of notes for loop control or chord playing

MIDI NOTE FOOTSWITCH. Now you can assign up to four notes on either of the Foot Controllers outputs, using a footswitch to send out MIDI notes.

INDEPENDENT BANK CHANGE UPDATES. MSB/LSB and program change commands are now independent (program changes no longer force the bank changes to 0)

MIDI NOTES TO PROGRAM CHANGE. It is now possible to have every note on the malletKAT send out a specific program change. Great for MIDI light control

NEW USER KIT PRESETS. Choose between built in Kurzweil PC2r User Kits or the Yamaha Motif ES

REDESIGNED METRONOME. User defined MIDI note, channel, and tempo with over 20 preset rhythms

V.5.0 - (chip)

Velocity Shift Mode- It is now possible to switch between two sounds (controller 1 and controller 2) by how hard you hit the pad.

Alternate Note Mode- Turning on this mode allows two notes to alternate by repeated hits assigned from Controller one and two.

Virtual Control Wheel- Just like the pitch wheel on a synthesizer, you can now assign any controller number to our virtual pitch wheel. Stepping on the hang footswitch turns on the wheel. The white keys then send out a value. Notes on the left side of the keyboard send out low values and continue higher all the way up to the right side of the keyboard.

Controller Value Preset- When you enter a User Kit, the malletKAT can send out a discreet controller number value on any channel. This is a great way to set up your effects to a preset condition. Great to use in conjunction with your controller pedal.

Augmented Rhythms for Metronome- New grooves have been added to the malletKAT’s metronome. These grooves (midi note numbers) can be sent to the internal sound module of the malletKAT WS or to an external sound module on channel 10.

V.4.1 - (chip)

Programmable KIT names
Now you can name your own kits, use the preset GM sound list, or eliminate names so that more KIT info can be displayed.

Pitch Wheel mode
Turn controller 2 into a pitch wheel in real time while playing controller 1. This adds incredible expression to your playing.

Control Sample Audio Loops on any pad or pads on the malletKAT. Loops can now be individually controlled live, while still playing notes or controlling other devices like filters, cc#, etc.

Now you can tweak "knobs" of any midi synth simply by playing on the pads. The "white" keys represent controller values. Now for the first time ever, a musician can control a synth knob in rhythmical ways that were until now impossible. The new software allows instant access to multiple controller numbers at the same time! Special key functions that "slew" values up and down have been added. This will allow for scratching, mod wheel effects, etc. It is possible to control two "knobs" at the same time using your velocity (how hard your play) as an additional controller.

For mallet players looking for more expression, we added the ability for the malletKAT to automatically switch between two sounds depending on whether you are playing single lines or chords. Now you can accompany yourself with a completely different sounding instrument. Just play, we do all of the work.

Have you ever been frustrated when soloing that some notes bleed into each other, making ariticulation difficult? The new malletKAT 4.0 can automatically change the gate of a note depending on how fast you are playing. Of course, there will be lots of parameters available to tailor it to your playing style.

There are more goodies as well. We will keep you posted as they are developed.

The technical specifics in 4.1:

Real Time Controller Performance Mode (RTC)
Assign a Controller Number to any black key on the malletKAT. The white keys act as a value between 1- 127. The last key struck is the last value sent. Reset to O by hitting the sustain pedal. The malletKAT can control up to 25 control numbers in Real Time on any channel per controller. The new RTC+ velocity mode adds a second controller in real time by translating your velocity hits into controller values.

Loop Latch Performance Mode.
Set the gate time to LoopLatch and the entire keyboard on the malletKAT turns itself into a loop central station. On each octave the C#,D#,F#,G# & A# keys turns on a loop on your sampler (note on). Loops are turned off by striking the natural keys. C shuts off C#, D shuts off D, etc. To shut off all loops on the keyboard, simply glissando on the white keys, or hit the high C pad.

Reassigment Loop Mode and Advancements
The amount of keyboard reassignments for the malletKAT will now be 16 instead of 8. Notes within the reassignment can be non active, and the gate time can be set to Toggle (note on, note off on second hit). When used in conjunction with Combine Mode, it is now possible to assign special notes on the keyboard that will start and stop loops, keeping the rest of the controller working normally.

Auto Melody Chord Mode
The malletKAT can switch between two different sounds (controller one and controller two) depending on the whether the musician is playing a single line melody or a chord. A single melody note will call up the sound on controller A. Whenever a chord is struck, the sound and settings of controller two is sent. A sensitivity control is available to accommodate playing styles affecting flams, rolls, etc. This new mode is available when striking the "hang" pad twice in edit mode.

Warp Mode
Turns MIDI Echo Mode into an asterial arpeggiator, with pitch tunable echos.


  • New Auto-Training Mode increase dynamics abd eveness across the keyboard
  • New foot and breath controller assignments
  • New pitch bend and fine tuning commands to external sound modules
  • New bank change/program change assignments
  • Added Chain Functions
  • Now you can preset any controller value per kit. This allows you to preset things like your reverb or chorus settings.

Additional Foot Controller Functions
Foot Controllers 1 and 2 will also have Sustain Plus Controller X (1-64) as options

Velocity Shift Mode
Switch between any two sounds (layers) by how hard or soft you hit a key. Split point can be chosen from any velocity point from 0 - 128

V3.6 - (software)

New Powerful Features for Real Time Performance Enhancement

Alternate Mode is proud to release the new version of software for the malletKAT PRO and the malletKAT PRO with Sounds. Some of the new performance features include Roll Mode, Echo Mode, Auto Velocity to Gate Mode, Blend Mode, and Foot Controlled Gate. A Host of features already familiar to the malletKAT have been augmented and optimized including such functions as Advanced Split Mode, Dampening 1 & 2 Modes, New Mono Mode, Added Program Changes per Kit and new Continuous Foot Controller Options.

V3.0 (software)

Main Power Features

Chain Mode
Chains can now be setup on the malletKAT. The user now has three choices for kit setups (factory,user and chain). This chain mode allows the user to jump to any kit instantly by simply advancing or backing up through the setups.

Footswitch Kit Set
It is now possible to set the "Controller One" input to function as a kit advance / backward setup switch. This is a Global Setup.

Reassignment Mode
There are now 8 Global Reassignments on the malletKAT Pro 2.0. A reassignment consists of an individual channel and note number definition for each playing pad, and common minimum velocity, maximum velocity, velocity curve, and gate time for each individual reassignment. In each setup, any one of the 8 reassignments may be selected to be used to Replace Controller 1 or to Combine with Controller 1. This means that the reassignment functions as a new keyboard pitch arrangement (replace) or as a layer (combine) with controller l for that particular setup.

Program Send
There is an additional Bank, Program Change Volume and associated Channel for use with the Reassignment Layer (or for external effects processor). Internal Metronome with TAP TEMPO Control Several percussion patterns and clicks are available when the metronome is activated. Tapping on the Left Function Pad Twice establishes the new tempo for the metronome, while the Right Function Pad acts as a Tempo Start / Stop.

Pitch Bend Sensitivity
It is now possible to set pitch bend sensitivity for each setup. The range is adjustable from 1 to 12 semitones, as well as off.

Fine Tuning
There now is a fine tuning screen that allows adjustment of the tuning. One can now set the instrument to A442 for example.

New Damping Settings
New screens are available that allows the malletKAT to tailor its dampen capabilities to the playing style of the musician. Some of these new screens are: Dampen Ratio, Dampen Count and Dampen Scan Count and Multiple Hit Smoothing. These new features offers the percussionist a significant amount of nuance when using damping techniques on the malletKAT.

All Notes Off Commands
There are now two versions. A short version is performed when the pad is hit once. Hitting the pad a second time sends out the long version (every note off on every channel). This is an important feature when using the malletKAT as a Master Controller over MIDI sound gear.

On each channel one can route incoming MIDI information to Internal malletKAT sounds, External MIDI Out, BOTH Internal and External or Neither ( that particular channels information is filtered out). A similar set of screens is available for Program Change Receive.

Automatic Pad Threshold Reinitialization
When both footswitch 2 and 3 are held down, releasing one of them will perform a threshold Reinitialization. This insures against false triggering.

Monophonic Note Overlap
When playing in malletKAT mono mode, it is now possible to overlap notes for a programmable amount of time. This enhances the authenticity of the nuance of playing single line instruments, such as the flute.