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the trapKAT XL

trapKAT 5KS kurzweil

The trapKAT has a New Look
Introducing trapKAT Power Dots - designed by Aquarian Drumheads

The Power Dot:

  • protects the nuBounce pads and sensors from those heavy hits drummers are known for
  • adds low end sensitivity (unbelievable but true)
  • creates a stiffer and more responsive surface, allowing a great feeling pad to feel even better
  • makes the pads visible in dark playing situations

The combination nuBounce and PowerDot is a feel that can't be beat, and now ships standard with the trapKAT 4 and trapKAT 5KS.

Already have a trapKAT XL? The transformation is so remarkable, we want every trapKAT XL owner to experience it. Therefore, all current trapKAT XL owners can purchase a PowerDot Kit for only $29.00 - click for details.

You will command attention whether you use the trapKAT XL as a 26-piece drumset or a complete dynamic loop control station (or both!!!)

trapKAT XL

The trapKAT XL features 24 playing surfaces with True FSR technology in a size and configuration that rivals an acoustic drum kit. With 10 large flat pads, 14 surrounding raised edge or "rim" pads and individual kick and hi-hat footpedal inputs, the trapKAT offers a complete electronic percussion system in single, compact instrument. Up to 16 sounds can be triggered per pad either Velocity Switched, Layered or Alternated. The trapKAT also features an array of built-in percussive and melodic "grooves" which can be completely controlled from the playing surface. This allows the trapKAT to generate additional percussion parts or complete rhythm section grooves for practicing or performing. The trapKAT is the perfect solution for those who desire a comfortable and conventional layout with the power, flexibility and convenience of electronic percussion. Acoustic drum set players will feel right at home!

trapKAT XL trapKAT trapKAT
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Specific trapKAT XL features:

The trapKAT XL weights only 14 pounds.

The trapKAT XL is approximately 40” long and 17” high.

The trapKAT XL now uses individual 1/2” neoprene pads and 3/4” neoprene pads on the bumpers.
The feel is amazing.

The trapKAT XL sensors are extermely sensative and can recognize up to 128 different dynamic levels per pad.

Classic textured bronze finish.

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trapKAT 5 KS
The trapKAT - now with its own internal sound card powered by Kurzweil music systems!!

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trapKAT XL

TrapKAT Package Deals

trapKAT 5KS kurzweil

Plug-and-play Power -- the trapKAT 5 KS Bundle!
sounds powered by Kurzweil

We are bundling the trapKAT 5KS, Gibraltar Stealth Stand, and our new eKIC and eHAT2 bass drum and hihat pedals for an amazing price!

You will never find a 26 piece electronic drum set that feels, responds and sounds this amazing anywhere on this planet!

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trapKAT 5KS Bundle