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Gibraltar trapKAT rack stand

This sturdy rack stand comes with a 43.5" cross bar and either 30" or 36" posts (which can later be cut your perfect height). Included also are two multi clamps for the trapKAT arms (dkb brackets). This stand also includes two built in cymbal holders.

Gibraltar trapKAT Rack Stand (30in.)
Gibraltar trapKAT Rack Stand (36in.)

trapKAT adjustible rack stand

trapKAT Adjustible Rack Stand

The base of this wheeled stand is also a 10-space, 19 inch rack for mounting your gear.

This project studio utility stand is the perfect solution for today's musician. A versatile design, this all-steel heavyduty stand features an adjustable tilt top platform, built-in outboard gear rack and a set of sturdy locking casters. This stand is designed for easy access! The locking casters allow for easy access to connections and the flexibility of moving the stand into the desired position within the project studio or out of the way for storage.

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DKB KAT Mounting  Bracket

DKB trapKAT Mounting Bracket.

The metal DKB mounting bracket for use with the trapkat. It can be used with multi-clamps and rack clamps that accommodate the 7/8" shaft. DKBs can also be used to mount the drumKAT & malletKAT.
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