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KAT Triggering Options:The inBOX versus the DITI.



Force Resistant Sensors (FSR) require a small electrical current to function. This small electrical current allows positional sensing and a dynamic range not possible in a piezo-based trigger. In short, we think FSR is worth it!

With the Alternate Mode release the Aquarian inHEAD and onHEAD came the inBOX: a simple box that serves as both the supplier of power to the FSR trigger, and sends the signal from the trigger to any MIDI-compliant drum module.

The newest group of FSR based triggers, the altZONE and eRIM, will also require an inBOX to connect to your drum module.

The inBOX is an elegant solution for those musicians who are wanting to immediately use Alternate Mode's FSR technologies in the simplest way possible: capture and convert a single trigger input to MIDI with greatest dynamic range possible.

Why Stop There?

In September, Alternate Mode will officially release the Drum-Intelligent Trigger Interface (DITI). This twenty-four input Trigger to MIDI interface will offer the ability to not only allow the current and future Alternate Mode FSR products to connect directly without an inBOX, but will allow virtually ANY configuration of trigger inputs, regardless of manufacturer. The DITI can convert piezo triggers, dual zone piezo triggers, membrane switch triggers, cymbal choking cymbals, and multi zone cymbals as well.


A "converter box" used send a single KAT trigger to virtually any drum module or synth that accepts 1/4" trigger inputs.


A MIDI-interface for direct connection of up to twenty-four triggers - from virtually any manufacturer.

Full details on the DITI can be found by clicking here.

What you should know about the connection differences between the inBOX and the DITI

At this time, FSR triggers (inHEAD, onHEAD, eRIM, altZONE) manufactured to be used with the inBOX (1/8" male output jack) cannot be plugged directly into the DITI without a converter. An inexpensive converter interface will be made available in the Alternate Mode store when the DITI is officially released.

To meet the demands of everyone, all Alternate Mode FSR trigger products will continue to be sold either with an inBOX, or as DITI Direct.

altZONE with inBOX
altZONE with DITI Direct