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inHEAD electro-acoustic drum trigger

Aquarian inHEAD

Electro-Acoustic Hybrid Drum Triggering

The inHEAD electro-acoustic hybrid drumhead delivers you the best of both worlds: great sounding acoustic drums and the power and control that comes with the high-performance FSR triggering of electronic drum sound modules.

You have never been able to be this creative with an acoustic drum until now: great sounding acoustic drum sound combined with the added dimension of flawless acoustic/electronic triggering!

Unleash your creativity. There is no need to sacrifice your technique, nor lose your finesse and your ghost strokes to accommodate the unnatural feel of electronic pads or the mass firing of unreliable triggers.The inHEAD lets you play your acoustic drums and access your electronic drum module without any unwanted crosstalk, double triggering or loss of sensitivity. You can even play with your fingers!

The inHEAD Hybrid Triggering brings creative power to your acoustic drums...

  • Blend electronic sounds and samples with real acoustic drums to create new hybrid sounds that are all your own.
  • Record live drum tracks and trigger accurate digital performances simultaneously without the need for extensive editing.
  • Reinforce your acoustic drums sound without microphones by accurately triggering most drum trigger sound modules to add new tone colors and volume.
  • Transform your traditional acoustic drum set into a totally custom, high-performance professional electronic drum kit.

The secret to accurate acoustic drum triggering is IN the head. The innovative, patent pending FSR inHEAD drumhead technology developed by Miditronix and Aquarian Drumheads allows the drum and head to vibrate naturally to produce a full, resonant acoustic drums sound while electronically sensing even the lightest stroke of a drumstick. Unlike conventional piezo drum triggers that react to vibration and that are susceptible to sympathetic misfiring, the entire inHEAD playing surface is the actual force sensing trigger sensor. The head will only trigger when it senses that is being touched by drumsticks, mallets, brushes or fingers! This revolutionary approach to acoustic triggering eliminates crosstalk and reduces double trigger issues, while allowing for increased sensitivity and dynamics.

This product requires the inBOX or the DITI in order to function because the sensor needs power.

• The Aquarian inBOX™ powers the trigger sensor, converting hits to voltage. This enables you to plug the trigger into any of your favorite drum modules and sound sources that have trigger inputs.

• The other version is the DITI DIRECT. This configuration allows the trigger (or triggers) to plug directly into a DITI without the need for individual power sources. The DITI then allows the trigger to play individual sounds, chords, controller data and more.

For more information on the differences between the inBOX and DITI, click here.
rimSHOT kickZONE

There is also an auxiliary input on the inBOX to connect to the rimSHOT rim trigger (sold separately, or in the "Kick And Snare Bundle") for even more creative performance options.

Fatten up your acoustic kick drum sound with the kickZONE bass drum trigger. The kickZONE's proprietary piezo sensor mounting makes it less susceptible to crosstalk and unintentional triggering. This is an easy triggering solution for a big kick sound.

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The inHEAD Snare & Bass Bundle Pack !!!

inHEAD snare and bass bundle
  • 14" inHEAD electro-acoustic FSR hybrid drumhead,
  • inBOX drumhead power supply and acoustic trigger signal conditioner/booster,
  • inBOX quick release mounting bracket and 2x jack adaptor,
  • kickZONE bass drum trigger,
  • rimSHOT rim clip trigger,
  • Electro-Acoustic Triggering Guide tips and tricks with Internet Support

Individual inHEADs

Toms: 10", 12", 13", 14", and 16"

Individual inHEAD
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