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onHEAD electro-acoustic drum trigger

Aquarian onHEAD

Portable Electronic Drumsurface (PED)

  • Finger tip sensitvity
  • Wide dynamic playing range
  • No crosstalk

The onHEAD by Aquarian Drumheads turns any snare drum or tom-tom into an amazingly quiet, yet expressive electronic drum pad. The power of Aquarian's advanced inHEAD FSR technology, combined with the proprietary "New Bounce" playing surface produces an E-drum pad with extreme sensitivity and wide dynamics while eliminating any crosstalk or false triggering.

The onHEAD P.E.D is made to be placed anywhere: on a stand, on a drum, on a table or in the hand. The onHEAD can be used with mounting hardware or without. The low profile design makes it easy to incorporate into any setup and gives the user the flexibility to define the setup.

This product requires the inBOX or the DITI in order to function because the sensor needs power.

• The Aquarian inBOX™ powers the trigger sensor, converting hits to voltage. This enables you to plug the trigger into any of your favorite drum modules and sound sources that have trigger inputs.

• The other version is the DITI DIRECT. This configuration allows the trigger (or triggers) to plug directly into a DITI without the need for individual power sources. The DITI then allows the trigger to play individual sounds, chords, controller data and more.

For more information on the differences between the inBOX and DITI, click here.

When combined with the inBOX or DITI and your favorite drum module, the onHEAD is a cost-effective solution that transforms any acoustic drum set into a professional electronic drum kit. Just place it ON your own acoustic drums and get an E-kit with a custom look and exceptional triggering performance at a fraction of the cost of prepackaged professional electronic drum kits.

onHEAD/inBOX Bundles and Pre-Packs

Individual onHEAD

onHEADs are available in these popular drum sizes:
  • Toms: 10", 12", 13", 14", and 16"
  • Bass: 18", 20", 22" and 24"

  • onHEAD Pre-Packs

    onHEADs are also shipped as Pre-Packs (Bass Drum onHEAD added separately...)
  • Pre-Pack A: 10"/12"/14"/14"
  • Pre-Pack B: 12"/13"/14"/16"