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Alternate Mode is proud to announce its latest MIDI mallet controller in the KAT/ Alternate Mode line.


The vibeKAT contains all of the expression and dynamics of the legendary malletKAT Pro, but now offers an entirely new simplified interface. The concept of the vibeKAT is that each of its 127 User Kits are completely preprogrammed. Features like dampening and layering no longer need to be assigned. The user does not have to program any parameters in order to perform.

This product is perfect for schools and for musicians who just want to call up a sound and play.

The instrument comes in a 4 octave configuration, with sounds built in from Kurzweil. The sounds include vibes, marimba, timpani, xylophone, bells, percussion, drum kits as well as standard instruments like piano, bass, etc.

The vibeKAT frame is white, and comes with 3/8" nuBounce pads that also have a specially coated black nylon top that protects the pads from scuffing and from fading in direct sunlight when played on the field.

The price of the vibeKAT Maps out $500 less than the malletKAT Grand and is sold DIRECT from Alternate Mode.

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