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DITI Essential Cables and Adapters

DITI - Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface

Various industry trigger pads and pedals also have varying requirements. In some cases, this means that an adapter cable may be necessary to hook your favorite toys to the DITI.

Aquarian eHEAD to DITI Adapter

Aquarian inHEAD to DITI Adapter
Convert Aquarian eHEAD products (inHEAD, onHEAD, P.E.D.) to connect to the DITI without an inBOX

This converter jack allows you to use any Aquarian inHEAD, onHEAD or PED trigger from Aquarian Drumheads on the DITI without using the inBOX.

By inserting this jack between the trigger and the DITI, the jack coverts the output of the trigger from Tip Sleeve to Tip Ring. The DITI needs this configuration in order to power the heads.

2.5mm stereo cable extension

All Aquarian FSR triggers come with an 1/8” male jack attached to the output. This is provided so that the head can normally be plugged into the inBOX. When the converter jack is attached, the output is a 1/4” male connector that can then be plugged directly into the DITI. Given that Aquarian eHEADS were originally connected to a local inBOX, their connection cable is very short. To extend the length of the cable, you can use a 1/8” headphone extension cable (available for optional purchase in the cart).

Alternate Mode sells onHEADS and inHEADS that have already been converted to the Tip Ring Configuration. These triggers have a 1/4” stereo female jack on it. Simply use a stereo 1/4” cable to connect them to the DITI. These triggers have a DITI DIRECT label on it. (read more on the differences between the inBOX and the DITI)

On the DITI, set the PADTYPE to onHEAD, or inHEAD, etc.

Single Zone Style (Piezo) Dual Trigger Adapter Cable

DITI Dual Trigger Adapter
Connect up to twenty-four piezo type triggers to the DITI

The DITI has twelve trigger inputs, and each input has an A and B. This design allows proper functioning of dual zone triggers (like cymbals or mesh heads), or FSR type pads that require external power.

This converter jack allows you to connect two piezo type (or single zone) triggers to any single input on the DITI, which is then separated into the A and B inputs. This allows the DITI to be expanded from twelve up to twenty four triggers!

FSR+Rim Dual Trigger Adapter Cable

DITI FSR + RIM Dual Trigger Adapter
Add a secondary piezo trigger to an FSR input.

The four TOM inputs (DITI inputs 3-6) have optimized circuitry allowing the input to both power and trigger the FSR and have an piezo trigger on the same jack.

This is a specialized cable -- a normal splitter cable will NOT work when connecting an FSR trigger.. One of the female 1/4” jacks accepts an FSR trigger in the Tip Ring Configuration (DITI DIRECT) The other female 1/4” jack accepts a piezo trigger.

The FSR is routed to the B Channel on the DITI. The Piezo is Routed to the Tip or A channel on the DITI.

On the DITI, set the PADTYPE to “FSR+RIM”

PMCP Adapter Cable

DITI Dual Trigger Adapter
Use a PMCP pedal to send Continuous Controller data from any DITI input.

This cable is designed to work with the PMCP FSR PEDAL. Use this when you want to use the pedal to send out Continuous Controller Data through DITI input.

This cable converts the Tip Sleeve configuration of the PMCP to a Tip Ring Configuration, needed by the DITI. Set the PAD TYPE on the DITI to “PMCP for C. CNTRL”

This adapter is not required on DITI input 7A, which is designated as a dedicated HIHAT controller input..

Some additional pedal "training" may be involved for the DITI to see the full range of the PMCP pedal. Consult the DITI manual for details.