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The altZONE is a single zone FSR trigger that is designed to be placed on any FLAT surface, including your snare drum, tom toms and bass drum without excessive muffling of the drum.

The altZONE is the true HYBRID ACOUSTIC ELECTRONIC trigger. When you place them on your drum head, they only become active when you strike directly on the trigger. When you want to be acoustic, play on the drum... when you want an electronic sound, strike the sensor. There is NO interaction or crosstalk between the drum head and the altZONE or any other surrounding drum. The FSR sensor has a superior dynamic range, with a fast clean signal. 


FSR triggers need to be powered. Alternate Mode offers the FTB (fsr trigger box), that can accomodate up to six altZONEs at one time. Our DITI (drum intelligent trigger interface) can load in twelve altZONEs at one time. 

The altZONE was redesigned in 2018 to make the trigger surface and cabling more durable.



The altZONE is a single FSR trigger that mounts on a drum head (or any flat surface).

This product requires a single 1/4" input on the DITI OR FTB for both power and to send MIDI data to your favorite drum module or DAW!

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Complete bundle that includes the FTB (FSR Trigger Box), 5 AltZone's and 10 mono connecting cables.
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Help reduce drum "bleed" when the altZONE trigger is attached to an acoustic drum.
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