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The JamKAT is the most powerful electronic hand drum ever created.

The JamKAT REQUIRES a DITI Trigger Interface for power and to communicate by MIDI with your favorite synth or DAW!

Total DITI Inputs: 7 (of 12)

Introducing the World's Most Powerful Hand Drum Ever Created, the JamKAT.

The JamKAT plugs into a DITI MIDI Controller. All of the programming for the JamKAT are preset on the DITI. Kits have also been created for the GIGKAT for turn key performance.

The JamKAT/DITI works with ANY MIDI Sound Source. The DITI can also be connected directly into a computer (MAC or PC) simply by using the PloyTec MIDI to USB Converter.

The JamKAT is designed to fit perfectly in a standard snare drum stand.

The JamKAT ships with a 15-pin to 1/4" connector cable that can be plugged into the DITI or other drum module.


JamKAT, DITI and GigKAT. How to play the kits!
JamKAT, DITI and GigKAT. How to play the kits!


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