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crossSHOT Trigger

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Multi point sensor trigger used to create a trigger from the rim of an acoustic drum.


Turn the rim of an acoustic drum into a velocity sensitive trigger!

The crossSHOT Rim Trigger is a multi point sensor trigger that attaches to two points underneath the rim of an acoustic drum. By placing the points across from one another, it allows the trigger to respond evenly when playing from your right and left hands. This is perfect for rimshots and crossstick playing techniques.

The crossSHOT can also be made to trigger two different sounds when used in tandem with a hybriHEAD - one by hitting the rim itself, and another trigger sound by striking the rim and head together (rimshot technique), or applying pressure to the head with your hand while striking the rim (crossstick technique). See our video!!

The crossSHOT is compatible with all drum modules trigger inputs. It is a piezo trigger device, and therefore does not require an FTB or DITI.


CrossShot Trigger
CrossShot Trigger

CrossShot Rim Trigger Demo (combined with hybriHEAD)
CrossShot Rim Trigger Demo (combined with hybriHEAD)

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crossSHOT Trigger

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