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eHAT2 with Pedal Included

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An amazing new electronic hihat triggering device. Compatible with most drum modules and DAWs.


This product requires a single 1/4" input on the DITI OR FTB for both power and to send MIDI data to your favorite drum module or DAW!

Use it on your own drum pedal (or use ours)

*fits underneath your existing drum pedal (with a bottom plate)
*allows for an adjustable feel using the springs and settings on your favorite pedal
*superior feel because you're using a real pedal
*better response because it uses a real bass drum pedal!

This price includes the eHAT2, bass drum pedal, and a mono 1/4 inch cable for connecting your pedal to your controller. If you would prefer a three foot cable, please tell us in the Special Instructions box during checkout.

While this price includes a pedal, the eHAT is also sold without a pedal.



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eHAT2 with Pedal Included

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