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Add a perfect fitting Gibraltar bass drum pedal
An amazing new electronic hihat triggering device that uses a real bass drum pedal for superior feel. Use it on your own bass drum pedal (or use ours). Compatible with most drum modules and DAWs.


*Fits underneath your existing bass drum pedal (**with a bottom plate)
*Allows for an adjustable feel using the springs and settings on your favorite pedal
*Superior feel because you're using a real pedal
*Better response because it's a real bass drum pedal!
*Product weighs 4 ounces
*Product dimensions 4" x 2" x 1 3/8"

This price includes the eHAT and a mono 1/4 inch cable for connecting your pedal to your controller.

The eHAT requires a bass drum pedal that has a solid bottom plate.

*The eHAT II does not work with Yamaha modules*



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