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An incredibly sensitive and dynamic reverse beater bass drum trigger. Use it on your own bass drum pedal (or use ours). Compatible with most drum modules and DAWs.

Use it on your own bass drum pedal

Superior Performance: The eKIC uses the same nuBounce material that is currently used on the MalletKAT and TrapKAT. This nuBounce material has a very dense molecular makeup, transferring with ease soft hits to the sensor. Because of its density however, it becomes more resistant to harder hits, allowing for harder playability before the sensor reaches dynamic saturation.

The eKIC includes an additional 1/4" input for chaining two eKICs together with a 1/4" mono cable (included)!!!

This price includes the eKIC, eKIC beater, and a six foot mono 1/4 inch cable for connecting your pedal to your controller.

Your pedal needs to support a 1/4 inch (6.35mm) shaft in order to attach the eKIC beater.

In order for the eKIC to line up properly,  your pedal must have seperate adjustments for the footboard and beater angle.




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