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DrumKAT Hybrid

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Combined with the DITI, the DrumKAT HybriKIT is the next generation drumKAT.


Combined with the DITI, the DrumKAT Hybrid is the next generation of the legendary DrumKAT from Alternate Mode.

This MIDI percussion controller allows the user to stack up to 8 notes on the same pad, and create chords and melody lines in one simple step with melodic modes. The operating system is powerful, full featured and intuitive. The DITI offers the most advanced software with the greatest power of expression and programmability for the needs of the professional or casual user. The DrumKAT Hybrid features true FSR technology. Perfect supplement to your acoustic drum kit!

The DrumKAT Hybrid plugs into a DITI MIDI Controller. All of the programming for the DrumKAT Hybrid are preset on the DITI. Kits have also been created for the GIGKAT for turn key performance.

The DrumKAT Hybrid/DITI works with ANY MIDI Sound Source. The DITI can also be connected directly into a computer (MAC or PC) simply by using a MIDI to USB Cable.

The DrumKAT Hybrid is thinner than the original DrumKAT Turbo, and weighs only five pounds! The metal chassis contains a built-in bracket for easy mounting. Dimensions are 17 3/8" x 12" x 3"

The DrumKAT Hybrid ships with a15-pin to 1/4" connector cable that plugs into the DITI.

Unit dimensions: 5 lbs, 17.5 x 12 x 3

The DrumKAT Hybrid REQUIRES a DITI Trigger Interface for power and to communicate by MIDI with your favorite synth or DAW!

Total DITI Inputs: 6 (of 12)

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DrumKAT Hybrid

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