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The JamKAT is the most powerful electronic hand drum ever created.


The twelve FSR pad layout of the jamKAT was designed specifically for hand percussionists. Allowing for natural hand movements, gestures, and techniques found in playing instruments such as congas, bongos, tabla, tambourim, etc.

This instrument has an amazing feel, response and dynamic range thanks to the power of the DITI. For the first time, you can play with just your fingers, expression never realized on any hand drum controller.

The DITI incorporates many "gestures" designed for hand drum playing. It knows when you want to sustain a sound simply by pressing on the pad. It can send out controller information such as pitch bend, panning, expression, etc.

The DITI can play alternate note patterns, velocity shifting, note shifting, etc. It can even play different sounds depending on the pressure of another pad. You can play chords and transpose patterns.

Because the DITI is designed to play with any MIDI drum module or soft synth, you simply call up the "KIT TYPE" and start playing

The jamKAT fits perfectly into a snare drum stand or can be played by simply putting it on your table.


Take a look at the hand drum controllers that are available on the market.....What are they all thinking? The jamKAT is designed to be played with your hands, comfortably and intelligently.

You'll be able to play patterns like never before because the jamKAT lends itself to hand drumming.


Who wants to whack on plastic....or hard rubber? Yuk.

The jamKAT's feel is unlike anything you've ever played on. Just the right amount of give, but not too soft. Designed to be played on for hours without fatigue.


Nothing beats the sensitivity of FSR. You'll experience the softest softs to the hardest hards.

What is new and exciting is that it is finger friendly.....we mean like playing rolls with your fingers.


No need for special stands for the jamKAT. Just use your standard snare drum basket. The jamKAT has a 14" round playing surface with a 13" metal frame.


The jamKAT is an FSR pad configuration that does not have any hardware or software on it. It connects to the outside world via a single HD15 cable (included). The jamKAT then connects to the DITI (Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface). This means that the jamKAT can work with your current drum machine's trigger ins, a computer using music software or any MIDI sound module. You have total control of what sound module you want to use and what sounds to put on each zone. This really makes the jamKAT a truly Universal Hand Drum.

Total DITI Inputs: 7 (of 12)