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The FTB is designed to power FSR Trigger Sensors. It can accommodate 6 single zone sensors or 6 dual zone sensors.
Complete bundle that includes the FTB (FSR Trigger Box), 5 AltZone's and 10 mono connecting cables.
OUR FTB bundle consists of 4 HybriPADs (snare and three toms..sizes can vary) and an altzone with padding
for the Bass drum.


Connect any Alternate Mode FSR trigger to your favorite drum module!


The FTB is designed to power FSR Trigger Sensors. It can accomodate 6 single zone sensors or 6 dual zone sensors.

The output of the FTB has 6 stereo trigger outs that connect directly into your drum modules trigger inputs. The FTB sends
out a clean voltage signal, ensuring a wide dynamic range with FSR's without any double triggering or crosstalk.

How is the FTB different from the DITI?

  • The DITI was designed to not only allow connections to FSR pads, triggers and controllers, but to also recognize and allow connections from virtually any other trigger pad, switch, or controller on the market. The DITI then "translates" this mix of signals to MIDI for use in your favorite synth, module, or DAW. Further, the DITI also includes a robust feature set of MIDI-preprocessing like velocity curves, alternating and stacked notes, etc... Read more about the DITI.

  • The FTB interface is specifically designed to provide necessary power to Alternate Mode's FSR Products and then to pass the signals on to be used by modules and synths requiring a 1/4" input. Unlike the DITI, there is no additional MIDI pre-processing.

The FTB is especially designed for Alternate Mode's

  • altZONE
  • HybriHEAD (single and dual zone)
  • HybriPAD (singe and dual zone)
  • eRIM
  • Aquarian InHead and OnHead Products
  • etc...

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