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malletKAT GS EXT (Internal Sounds)Products found: 5

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There is a currently a 2-3 week lead time

The malletKAT Grand GS - in a sleek, four octave lightweight white textured frame - is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller using true FSR sensing technology. The GS model contains it's own professional-grade internal sound card, for true plug-and-play operation.



There is currently a 2-3 week lead time

The malletKAT Express GS offers a compact and lightweight 2-octave design which can be expanded to 4 octaves, and contains it's own internal sound card for true plug-and-play operation. The GS model contains it's own internal sound card, for true plug-and-play operation. The malletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller using true FSR sensing technology.



There is currently a 2-3 week lead time.

The malletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller. The malletKAT Pro GS offers a standard 3-octave design which can be expanded to 4 or 5 octaves. The GS model contains it's own professional-grade internal sound card, for true plug-and-play operation.


Breathe new life into your older malletKAT by adding an internal GS Audio Card.

Retrofits are performed in our factory, and will require the malletKAT owner to ship their controller to us. Please read the complete description on the product page before ordering.

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The GIGKAT GS EXT is the new and improved version of the GIGKAT GS

The GS9.5 firmware chip is included, and can be easily installed at home to take advantage of the additional performance features available in the gigKAT GS EXT. The firmware chip is only compatible with version 4.0 or higher. Older versions require a hardware board upgrade. Please include your malletKAT's serial number so that we send you the correct firmware chip.


Our most powerful internal audio board yet, creating a malletKAT with amazing high quality sounds built in.

The GS Sound Card is ALSO available as a standalone sound module (gigKAT GS Module), or can be retrofitted into your existing malletKAT!

New Audio Board Design

Optimized Line Level Output: There are two TRS (balanced) 1/4” stereo audio outputs on the back of the unit. Left channel can also act as a summed-mono channel.
Separate Headphone Output: A front panel features, a 1/4” phone jack with a dedicated rotating knob for headphone volume adjustment.
Dedicated Reverb: A commonly requested feature is now here!! There is now also a dedicated reverb knob on the front panel.
Inline Audio Merge: The malletKAT GS also has 1/4” stereo inputs that will merge its audio with the malletKAT. Now you can practice with other players or play with CD’s and hear it on your headphones or remote speakers.

Huge Sound library

The malletKAT GS is packed with an expanded collection of over 1000 instruments using over 14,000 samples. Moreover, these instruments were curated and tailored to respond to the articulations, gestures, and dynamics of a mallet player - not a keyboardist. You WILL notice a difference.


Chromatic Percussion

Including multiple sets of vibraphones, marimbas, timpani, glockenspiel, xylophone, crotales, orchestral percussion, celeste, kalimba and more...

All sounds can be accessed via standard MIDI Bank and Program Change Commands. 

Acoustic and Electronic Drum Sets

Multi-sampled, layered, fully-mapped drumsets at your command. Includes fully sampled drums from Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, and Gretsch.


Latin Percussion

Including fully articulated congas, bongos, cowbells, timbales, tamborin, caixa, pandeiro, surdo, cajon and more...


World Percussion

Including Clay drum, Frame Drum, Oil Drum, Tambourines, Shakers, Metal Chimes, Triangles, Ratchet, Wood Blocks, Bells, Rattles, Vibraslap, Cow Bells, and much much more

Chinese, Indian, African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern Percussion, 
Tupan Drum, Chinese Tambourines, Metal Riq, Gaval, Bata Drums,
Djembe, Dumbac, Mrdangam, Tabla, Sakara, Quika, Pakhavaj, Tar, Guiro, and a host of percussion sound effects and more.

Intelligent Mappings of Commonly Used Percussion

Several of the 127 Pre-Configured User Kits for the malletKAT include a highly useful Combo "mixes" of the available percussion instruments, allowing you to access a full battery of Latin Percussion or Orchestral Percussion instruments at once! You can also create your own "mix and match" custom User Kits using the malletKAT's powerful reassignment feature.

Create more realistic sounding patterns using pre-configured banks designed to allow hand-to-hand stickings of articulations. For a true demonstration, see the GS Ethnic Percussion videos on our YouTube Channel!


Going Farther...?

The GS Sound Engine has a large library of “Meat and Potatoes” sounds including
Pianos, Keyboards, Organs,
Basses (Acoustic and Electronic)
Guitars (Acoustic and Electronic)
Ethnic Stringed Instruments
Brass and Woodwinds
Strings ( Acoustic, Solos, Synth Strings )
Choir Effects
Synthesizer Pads and Effects

General MIDI

A complete GM (General MIDI) sound library that can be accessed by any MIDI instrument via the malletKAT’s MIDI IN connection.

USB Flash Upgradable

From time to time, sound library updates will become available.  Our sound module can be updated with a simple Flash Stick that plugs into our NEW USB input on the back of the malletKAT GS. (Not available on GS Upgrades)

Firmware Enhancements:

Updated User Kits: The new 127 User Kits have been created to utilize the immense power of the malletKAT built in.  Each Kit has 4 stored settings for Controller Parameters  such as Reverb, Chorus, Brightness, and Envelope settings.
Built in Metronome.
Layered Sounds (ability to combine two different sounds layered together)
Velocity Shifted Sounds (how hard you play determines what sound you will hear)
Split Keyboard Sounds (have two or more sounds split on the keyboard)
Special Percussion Non Chromatic Layouts (any note number and channel can be placed anywhere on the keyboard). These are called Reassignments.
Use of Warp Modes (created digital delays and patterns)
Velocity Controlled Gate Times (how hard you play determines the length of the sound).
Velocity Gate (how fast you play controls the length of the sound)
Dampen Modes (use your vibe dampening techniques to dampen while other notes ring).
Crossfading (sounds can blend from one to another by how hard you play)
All of these special features are built and preprogrammed, ready for instant performance.
Chain Accessibility. There are 16 Chains in the malletKAT that allow the instrument to have special arrangements of the 127 User Kits.   Chains have been reorganized to put sounds in category types and well as performance groupings.


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