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The perfect stand for your JamKAT
A Do-It-Yourself Kit to upgrade your Cajon to a electronic CaJon!
The HD400 represents a great live sound solution for electronic drums, keyboard synths, DJ controllers, guitar synths, as well as VST computer software. Your instruments will jump into the spotlight with new brilliance and energy during live performances without sonic compromises. The HD400's microphone input also gives vocals a resounding burst of vibrancy that places them front and center.
Enjoy your own private musical space and block out unwanted external noise with KAT's new KTUI26 Ultra Isolation Headphones.
KT4M - Digital Drum Sound/Trigger Module
Buy a cool Alternate Mode T-Shirt
KATdome for the 3 octave MalletKAT Pro
KATdome for the 4 octave MalletKAT Grand
The KF1 Single Footswitch
The KF1 Finger Switch
The KT-HC1 hi-hat controller is specially made to work only with the KTMP1 Multipad.
Build onto your KT2 kit for more diverse configurations for a more creative playing experience.
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