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The MalletKAT 102 Mallets. The 2016 redesign of the M-102 mallet makes it a perfect balance of ease-of-use and response.
A professional grade MIDI cable. Length: 6ft
The MalletKAT 3 Octave Hard Case
The MalletKAT 4 Octave Hard Case
The Clambusters
MalletKAT Pro Stand
Power Dots for your MalletKAT
Here's a portable continuous controller footswitch that can be used on any of Alternate Mode instrument's controller inputs.
Gibraltar SC-PUGC Rotating Grabber Clamp
This general purpose stand is for use with the MalletKAT.
Injection molded waterproof MalletKAT Express case
Injection molded waterproof MalletKAT Pro case
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