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2GoKAT MalletKAT Stand
The Ensemble 360R Mallets
MalletKAT 4 octave Soft Case
15V power supply for any KS units including GigKAT
Two Dixon cymbal stands make this versatile MalletKAT Express stand. Complete with clamps and DKB brackets to attach to the malletKAT Express
The altZONE is a single FSR electronic drum trigger that mounts on a drum head (or any flat surface).

This product requires a single 1/4" input on the DITI OR FTB for both power and to send MIDI data to your favorite drum module or DAW!

Spike protector and balancing cables for your unit.
DITI is the world's most powerful Trigger to MIDI Interface from Alternate Mode.With up to 24 Trigger inputs, even the largest drumset can be converted to MIDI with ease. The DITI is the first interface of its kind to power and convert FSR drum triggers to MIDI. Products like the inHEAD and onHEAD from Aquarian DrumHeads are designed to work right out of the box with the DITI for unprecedented dynamic range and control.
Six Foot Replacement Cable connecting KAT instruments that use a 15-pin output to the DITI, or other drum module using 1/4" trigger inputs.
This converter jack allows you to use any Aquarian inHEAD, onHEAD or PED trigger from Aquarian Drumheads on the DITI without using the inBOX.
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