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The FTB is designed to power FSR Trigger Sensors. It can accommodate 6 single zone sensors or 6 dual zone sensors.
Complete bundle that includes the FTB (FSR Trigger Box), 5 AltZone's and 10 mono connecting cables.
FCP FSR Controller Pedal.
Multi point sensor trigger used to create a trigger from the rim of an acoustic drum.
Help reduce drum "bleed" when the altZONE trigger is attached to an acoustic drum.
OUR FTB bundle consists of 4 HybriPADs (snare and three toms..sizes can vary) and an altzone with padding
for the Bass drum.
10ft Cable for connecting the jamKAT or the DrumKAT hybriKIT to the FTB (FSR Trigger Box)
KAT mallets from Vater drumsticks.
MalletKAT 2 octave Soft Case
MalletKAT 3 octave Soft Case
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