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The Dixon 910 Heavy Single Brace Cymbal Stand with DK1000 arm and Mounting Bracket
Replacement surface for DrumKAT. Uses the same nuBounce pads found on the TrapKAT.
Upgrades your DK10 to a v1.8
Upgrade your DrumKAT v2.5 to a v3.8
Upgrade your DrumKAT v3.0 to a v3.8
Upgrade your DrumKAT v3.5 to a v3.8
Upgrade your DrumKAT v2.5-3.8 to a TURBO v4.5
The DK-1000 Extension Arm
The DKB Mounting Bracket can be used to easily mount any KAT Controller to the DK-1000 Stand or Rack Stand.
Old Style DrumKAT Power Cord (3 pin)
Upgrades your DrumKAT Turbo v4.0 to a v4.5
An amazing new electronic hihat triggering device that uses a real bass drum pedal for superior feel. Use it on your own bass drum pedal (or use ours). Compatible with most drum modules and DAWs.
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