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The DrumKAT HybriKIT 10 pad drum controller and the powerful DITI (Drum Intelligent Trigger Interface) bundled with the GigKAT Sound Module by Alternate Mode.
The DrumKAT HybriKIT, DITI and GIGKAT together offers the percussionist a world of sounds never possible until now. Sold as a bundle, all of the programming is done for you. Just plug in the cables and start exploring the kits. You will hear percussion kits, melodic kits, drum sets, and orchestral sounds. You just have to hear to it to believe it.

The best part is that learning to play is about "improvisation through pattern recognition". Ya don't need to know what the chords are.

This bundle includes the DrumKAT HybriKIT stand and will save you over $125!!!!

This bundle will have you playing things you never even imagined!

Case pictured is purchased separately. It can hold the DrumKAT HybriKIT, DITI and GIGKAT!

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