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Kurzweil Internal Sound Engine (KS)

Alternate Mode has partnered with Kurzweil Music Systems to create an internal sound card modified especially for the malletKAT, trapKAT, and GIGKAT. This sound card is the same full-featured professional-grade synthesizer found in Kurzweil's popular PC3 series keyboards.

The GIGKAT is a small and portable external sound module containing this same Kurzweil sound engine.

Go Direct from the KS to Your Amp for An Extremely Portable Setup!

There are two stereo ¼" balanced TRS jacks (or mono summed) for the audio output as well as two ¼" line inputs. This allows you to plug your CD/MP3 player or fellow musicians audio outputs.

Ready To Use with Pre-Programmed User Kits. No Programming Required!

That means that you do not have to know about the innards of KAT programming in order to enjoy playing. Just scroll through the kits and play. All of the work has been done for you.

For the malletKAT:

We picked our favorite 128 sounds and pre-programmed them into the malletKAT's User Setups. 

In these 128 User Kits, we loaded in the vibraphone and marimba sounds as well as the orchestral timpani, bells, chimes, xylophone, orchestral percussion, ethnic percussion drum sets as well as keyboards, basses, orchestral instruments, vocals, synth sounds and more. These sounds will keep you busy for quite some time. But if you want hear more, you can go through the instrument list of over 1000 sounds and create your own User Kits. 

For the trapKAT:

We chose 24 of the best sounding, all purpose drum and percusison kits and pre-programmed them into the trapKAT's User Kits. However, there are a total of 256 drum kits available - as well as the ability to map any of melodic sounds from the KS sound card!


Click Here to view the Full Patch List for KS card:

The Kurzweil Website also has demonstration audio clips of the available sounds of the PC3: