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DrumKAT / Turbo / dk10

Replacement surface for DrumKAT. Uses the same nuBounce pads found on the TrapKAT.
Upgrades your DK10 to a v1.8
Upgrade your DrumKAT v2.5 to a v3.8
Upgrades your DrumKAT v3.0 to a v3.8
Upgrades your DrumKAT v3.5 to a v3.8
Upgrade your DrumKAT v2.5-3.8 to a TURBO v4.5
Old Style DrumKAT Power Cord (3 pin)
Upgrades your DrumKAT Turbo v4.0 to a v4.5
Replacement FSR for the DrumKAT
Replacement rubber playing surface for your drumKAT or DK10