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MalletKAT Pro 3.0 to 8.0 Upgrade

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This upgrades your MalletKAT Pro any version 3.0 to a 8.0

This upgrades your MalletKAT Pro any version 3.0 to a 8.0. Includes upgrade chip and installation instructions.

V3.0 - (software) Chain Mode, Footcontrol Kit Advance/Backup, Reassignment Mode, Program Send (an additional Bank, Program Change, Volume and Channel for the Reassignment layer), Internal Metronome with Tap Tempo Control, Pitchbend Sensitivity Adjustment (for each setup), Fine Tuning, new Dampening settings, All Notes Off commands, MIDI Routing Screens, Auto Pad Threshold Reinitialization and Monophonic Note Overlap, Roll Mode, 2 Split Points, Extra Program Change per setup, new Controller Functions, Auto Velocity to Gate Mode

V3.6 - (software) Dampen Type 1 & 2, MSP/LSB Bank Change, improved Mono Mode

V4.1 - (software) Additional Foot Controller Functions, Velocity Shift Mode, RTC - Real Time Controller Performance Mode, Loop Latch Performance Mode, Reassignment Loop Mode and Advancements, Auto Melody Chord Mode, Warp Mode

V5.0 - (software) Velocity Shift Mode, Alternate Note Mode, Virtual Control Wheel, Controller Value Preset, Augmented Rhythms for Metronome

V6.1 - (software) Dead Stroking, Group Latch, MIDI Note Footswitch, Bank Changes Updates LSB/MSB , MIDI Notes to program Change, New User Kits, Redesigned Metronome

V8.0 - (software) More controller control, Improved Dampening, Global Funtion Preset Changes, KIT 128  Preassigned for controller use for the outside world.  If you are purchasing a Ketron SD1000, this version will include presets.

MalletKAT Pro 3.0 to 8.0 Upgrade

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