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MalletKAT Upgrade to 7 KS

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This upgrades your MalletKAT Pro or Pro WS (with sounds) to the new MalletKAT Pro 7 KS.
This upgrade will include a new Kurzweil Sound Engine and the Alternate Mode Amp Board. We will also modify your circuit board if it needs any updates and install the new MalletKAT 7.0 software chip. We will include an upgrade guide that will talk about the new features, and also include a spreadsheet listing the sounds in the User Kits and the other sounds that are available in the module.

PLEASE NOTE: This base price does NOT include the cost of return shipping for your instrument.

Call 877-933-6237 NOW to get your RMA number!

Your credit card will not be charged until the repair is complete. You will be notified when it is time to send in your unit.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The new KS sound card and amp board requires a LARGER power supply.  You can no longer use your old MalletKAT 500mA or 1.5 mA adapter.  We will be supplying you with a new power adapter.
MalletKAT Upgrade to 7 KS

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