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TrapKAT 5KS Upgrade

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Upgrade your existing TrapKAT or TrapKAT XL to include internal sounds.
You can now have a Kurzweil sound engine put right inside your TrapKAT! The Kurzweil engine is a newly designed sound engine that features an incredible drum sound chip as well as the sound set from their new PC3 keyboard. There are over 256 drum sets and percussion setups. The TrapKAT 5KS now includes beautiful, natural sounding drum sets as well as highly stylized drum sets and everything in between. There are also incredible orchestral percussion such as timpani, xylophone, marimba, bells, vibes, orch perc as well as ethnic percussion and more.

Your TrapKAT MUST come in for this upgrade.

Please contact us at 877-933-6237 to get a RMA number to send your unit in.

TrapKAT 5KS Upgrade

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