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Aquarian Announces the onHEAD PED

New FSR onHEAD Portable Electronic Drumsurface allows the drummer to create a professional E-Kit with no boundaries. Aquarian Drumheads develops and delivers the first stand alone FSR drumpad.

NAMM 2013 presentation
NAMM 2013 presentation

Anaheim, CA (January 22, 2013) Aquarian Drumheads has just announced the release of the onHEAD P.E.D (Portable Electronic Drumsurface) at Winter NAMM 2013. The onHEAD P.E.D developed by Aquarian drumheads turns any acoustic drum or flat surface into an amazingly quiet, yet expressive electronic drum pad. The power of Aquarian's advanced inHEAD FSR triggering technology, combined with the proprietary "New-Bounce" playing surface, produces an E-drum pad that feels natural to play.

The onHEAD P.E.D is made to be placed anywhere: on a stand, on a drum, on a table or in the hand. The onHEAD can be used with mounting hardware or without. The low profile design makes it easy to incorporate into any setup and gives the user the flexibility to define the setup.

The onHEAD is made to plug into an Aquarian inBOX (required) and most popular electronic drum sound modules. No extensive trigger adjustment needed. There are no worries of crosstalk or false triggering thanks to a proprietary FSR sensor developed by Aquarian and MIDItronix. The FSR surface reacts to pressure, not vibration like other electronic drum pads. Aquarian's Force Sensing Response technology even allows for playing with fingertips!

The nu-bounce proprietary rubber playing surface gives sticks a natural feel and rebound. The FSR triggering technology senses every stroke with the unparalleled dynamics and sensitivity.

According to Roy Burns, co-owner of Aquarian Drumheads, "We want to give drummers tools, not toys. We don't want them to have to sacrifice their technique or spend a lot of money to own high-quality, cutting edge technology. The onHEAD Portable Electronic Drumsurface brings flexibility for setup, sensitivity for performance, and most importantly, creative new tools for a new generation of musical drummers and custom drum builders." Aquarian is showing the onHEAD in unique settings and applications at Winter NAMM. One creative application demonstrates that by combining the onHEAD with a die cast hoop and isolated rim mount, a drummer can make affordable, hybrid custom E-Drum pads that can be placed anywhere.

The inHEAD is set to ship to selected dealers in early March and will be available in 10", 12", 13", 14" and 16" sizes. Prices start at $129.00 MSRP. There is also a line of Bass Drum onHEADs available as well.

About Aquarian Drumheads

Aquarian Drumheads U.S.A was established in 1980 by world famous Big Band drummer and clinician, Roy Burns, and hi-tech manufacturing expert Ron Marquez. Located in Anaheim, CA, Aquarian is known for developing high quality drum products by drummers for drummers with proprietary hi-tech manufacturing techniques. Some of the patented drumming innovations developed by Aquarian include the best selling Super-Kick™ line of bass drum heads, the Triple Threat™- the worlds first triple ply drum head -, the Cymbal Spring, X10 Graphite Sticks and the Hi Energy Snare Drumhead. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter (@AquarianHeads) for updates on our business, promotions and products.


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