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Free Shoulder Bag (Promotion expired)

Purchase a malletKAT Pro with a gigKAT2 Sound module and receive a free shoulder bag.

Promotion good from 11/20/2020 to 11/30/2020

The gigKAT 2 has 256 voices of polyphony and can play simultaneously on all 16 MIDI Channels.

Finally you can leave the computer home. Everything is done for you. Just call up the User Kit on the malletKAT and enjoy.
Included in the sound set are many vibes, marimbas, timpani, steel pan, chimes, bells, xylophone, crotales and orchestral and Latin hand percussion and drum sets.  
There has never been a module like this before.


The malletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller. The malletKAT Pro offers a standard 3-octave design which can be expanded to 4 or 5 octaves.

All controllers are BUILT TO ORDER. There is currently a 3 week lead time.