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malletKAT from AlternateMode

Yamaha Motif Rack XS

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GIGKAT Sound Module

The GIGKAT Sound Module from Alternate Mode - featuring sounds by Kurzweil.

Our Price: $649.00
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Include Upgrade Chip*

For older KAT Instruments -- An upgrade to the latest KS Series software chip is necessary to fully integrate your KAT instrument with the GIGKAT. Please select your instrument below, and we will include this chip with your order at no extra charge.

NOTE: the GIGKAT is compatible with drumKAT 3.8 models but note that the 3.8 sends out Bank and Program Changes, but its number scheme is offset by one number. When the GIGKAT calls for MSB 00, LSB 03, Program 5 for example on the drumKAT there is no MSB (but that is ok). Set the LSB to 04, and the Program to 6. Older drumKATs can be upgraded to a drumKAT Turbo including the required KS Series software chip. See the drumKAT Upgrades area for details and pricing. You may also purchase additional software chips for your other KAT instruments to make them compatible with the GIGKAT. Please see corresponding upgrade pages for details and prices.

Your current malletKAT software MUST have a plus sign (+) in the display when you first turn on your instrument in order for this free upgrade chip to be compatible. If it does not, you must send your unit in for hardware upgrades. Please call 877-933-6237 for a RMA number.

Please select your instrument from the list below:
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MIDI Cable Options

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