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The DK-10 features an easy-to-use design which makes MIDI percussion control simple and affordable. The 10 pad playing surface delivers the same superior feel and response as all of the KAT controllers. Separate kick and hi-hat footpedal inputs offer two additional trigger controls. The DK-10 will work instantly with almost any sound module using the factory supplied kits. User locations allow custom kits to be created and saved with individual note number and channel per pad. The DK-10 is the perfect way for beginners or professionals to tap into the world of MIDI without taxing their budget. Features true FSR technology. Affordable, expressive compliment to your acoustic drums.


  • Great feeling gum rubber pads
  • Playable / ergonomic layout
  • Heavy duty metal contruction
  • Compact size fits into any acoustic or electronic setup


  • Adjustable velocity curves and trigger settings
  • Adjustable pad response for fingertip control
  • Multiple Hi-Hats per kit


  • Less than $70 per pad for unparalleled true FSR trigger performance

Ease of Use

  • Quick setup
  • Less cables
  • Less to carry
  • Small "footprint"
  • Quick and simple editing

More Features

  • Roll Mode (gets rid of that "machine gun" effect on assorted sound sources)
  • Gate Times
  • Velocity Curves
  • Gain settings
  • Latch Mode (Start/Stop loops with one pad)
  • 16 Program Changes per Kit

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