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drumKAT 3.8 / drumKAT Turbo 4.5 Features


  • Great feeling gum rubber pads
  • "State of the art" true FSR sensors
  • Playable / ergonomic layout
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Compact size fits into any acoustic or electronic setup
  • Continually upgradeable


  • Adjusts to your own playing style
  • Assign up to 8 notes per pad/trigger
  • Realistic hi-hat control
  • 10 on-board pads PLUS 9 trigger inputs
  • built-in sequencer with tap-tempo control


  • Total MIDI control over drum machines, keyboards, lighting boards, etc
  • Control up to 32 MIDI devices at the same time
  • Hi-hat control pedal & breath controller inputs

Ease of Use

  • Simple !!!!
  • Complex (10 different modes)
  • Melodic (5 different modes)
  • Control (13 different modes)

More Features

  • Heavy Duty "Silver-Vein" Powder Coat finish
  • Metal Chassis
  • Gum Rubber playing pads
  • Interaction Matrix and Envelope Training for triggering
  • Link Mode (2 pads can be linked together).
  • Katalyze MIDI In (turn any MIDI controller into a drumKAT)
  • 1-4 note selectable polyphony per pad
  • Ready-Record for motifs
  • Global & Individual Motif Protect Song Select per kit
  • Additional Control Screens include Program & Bank Change, Kit Change and Tempo Change, Latch
  • Mode(loops On/Off). Enable/Disable for Bank Switches in Demo kits
  • Bank Change for each of the six Program Changes can now be set

Additional drumKAT Turbo 4.5 Features

Hardware Improvements

  • New microprocessor chip (50% faster than V3.5)
  • new sequence timing chip (doubles motif resolutions)
  • additional memory chip (increases kits to 48 & Motifs to 48)

Software Improvements

  • Alternate 128 Mode (128 notes per pad!)
  • multiple Links per kit (link 1 pad to two others)
  • Motif Transpose
  • Roll Mode (gets rid of that "machine gun effect on asst. sound sources)
  • Notation Mode (transcribes a kinetic map of your drumKAT setup)
  • 3 new pad control screens - Program Change, Tempo Change and Kit Change
  • Dynamically Allocated Memory Latch Mode (Start/Stop loops with one pad)
  • 16 Program Changes per Kit

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