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drumKAT, Turbo, DK10 Purchasing Questions


Both the drumKAT and the Turbo drumKAT share the same housing, sensors, and trigger inputs. All of the features that are in the drumKAT are in the Turbo as well.

Both instruments are designed to offer optimum playing performance, offering the widest dynamic range and sensitivity on any pad surface. Each pad and trigger can be “trained” to your own playing style. This means that you can tailor the way the drumKAT and Turbo respond to your soft and hard hits.

The Turbo however offers additional functions that set this instrument apart from any other controller in the world. It should be noted that if you are looking to trigger mostly drum sounds, the drumKAT 3.8 might be right for you.

The basic “modes” of the drumKAT are Alt8, MultiMode, VelShift, Nteshift, Control Mode and Simple. This means that you can play simple chords, alternate patterns, velocity shift through notes,and play single notes per pad.

If you are looking for an alternate melodic controller and want Total control, think Turbo.

Here’s a short list of Turbo Features

  • 128 Alternating Notes per pad
  • Ability to Link up to 3 pads together on a single hit
  • Control Paths-the ability to send discreet controller number values per hit on pads
  • 16 MSB/LSB program change commands per kit
  • Expanded Motif Generator with the ability to have motifs transposed
  • Directional control of Transpositions
  • Dynamically Allocated Memory allows for more than 30 kits (up to 48)
  • Expanded CNTRL pad functions (tempo value, program change, etc as pad hits)

Drummers that want to play drum sounds, but also want to be able to control synth functions like “res filters, lfo, pitch bend, etc all in real time without having to touch the synth, should consider the Turbo. Each pad can be programmed to control a different CC# in different ways depending on the different modes available on the Turbo.


Again, both instruments share the same frame, and sensors. The dk10 has a wide dynamic range like the drumKAT, but you can not train and tailor the dynamic response to your own personal taste. There are four GLOBAL settings that set the dynamic response of the dk10.

There are two inputs on the dk10 for HiHat and bass drum trigger pedals. The drumKAT has 9 trigger inputs plus hihat controller input. There are 6 factory kit configurations and 4 User Kits where you can save your pad setups. Also note that there is no display on the dk10.

With the dk10, each pad can send its own midi channel and note number setting, one note per pad. If you are using a controller HiHat pedal like the HatPedal, the dk10 will automatically send out controller numbers 1 and 4 on channel 10. (for hihat position control if your sound module responds to this).


Both the drumKAT and the dk10 come with one momentary (open) foot switch. The drumKAT has 4 footswitch inputs and the dk10 has two. You can of course use the one foot switch provided and move it around for your editing and kit changes, but it is recommended that you purchase several more.

On the drumKAT, the footswitch functions are programmable. That means that you can use the footswitch to send out a tap tempo command or start a sequence. Foot switch input one is for Kit Editing. Footswitch two is for KIT and Song changes. Foot switch three is programmable, and the fourth is four special functions (for advanced users).

The dk10 has two inputs. One for note edit, and the other for MIDI channel edit.

Both the dk10 and drumKAT have a bass drum trigger input and a hihat input (variable controller input).

Pintech also has a controller input hihat that works well with the KAT. The Yamaha continuous hihat pedal also works, but a mono 1/4" jack is required, not the stereo jack that comes with the pedal. The Roland HiHat pedal is not recommended, as it uses a different design.

The bass drum input on the KAT is less picky, and will work with most bass drum triggers.

You can see the pedals currently offered by Alternate Mode by clicking here.


Both the drumKAT and the dk10 have feet on the back so that they will lie flat and even on a table top. On the back plate of the KAT, are four screw inputs. These are used to mount our DKB bracket, which is a post style adapter. This post (7/8") is used to go into our drumKAT stand or to be used with a standard multi clamp attachment The stand and bracket can be purchased separately. When you purchase a stand, it ships with a bracket and extention arm along with its base.


The drumKAT is a powerful MIDI controller, capable of controlling 32 MIDI channels at the same time. A multi timbrel sound module is recommended if you are using the drumKAT for melodic purposes.

If you are using the drumKAT to control software synths like DFH, Stylus RMX, Fxpansion BFD, REASON or LIVE, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use the drumKAT to work with these software products.

If you are purchasing a drumKAT TURBO, you will be able to control the software knobs on the synth in real time, using our special Controller Functions.

If you are purchasing a dk10, you most likely are using it to control mostly drum sounds. Even though each pad can send on a different channel, you will only be able to play one note per pad.

For the soft synths, the dk10 will work fine, but you will not be able to individually control velocity settings per pad.

For drum modules like the Yamaha, Alesis and Roland products, the dk10 will work great.


Other things to consider are our CASES for travel.

We also have our new "FingerSwitch", that is a handy replacement for a footswitch.

We also carry the leading drum and synth software like DFH Superior, BFD, and RMX Stylus.

WHAT DO I DO IF I NEED TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE/ASIA (or I happen to Live there)?

The drumKAT/dk10 normally ships with an American 110/120 AC voltage adapter.

For International sales, we supply a 220/230 AC adapter with the standard Euro two prong plug. We also have a UK 230 volt three prong plug. Also, you can order an extra adapter if you are a traveling musician and do not want to carry voltage converters. Service parts are here.


We offer warranty on our controllers for ONE YEAR PARTS, except sensors 6 months. We offer a 90 Day warranty for LABOR.


We are known for our excellent customer service. (Read the comments on our forum). We make every effort to be as available as possible. Yes, we personally check and answer our emails even on the weekend.


First, be sure to sign up on our international mailing list on the website. You will then receive an email that links you to a page that displays our discounted international price list.

Don’t hesitate to use our online store. If paying with a credit card, this is the best way to submit accurate shipping address and secure transmission of credit card info.

IMPORTANT. Disregard the USA prices that will display on your online order and receipt. Your credit card will NOT be charged when the order is first submitted online.

Once we receive your online order, we will adjust the prices to the international price list, we will also need to adjust the shipping costs as our system does not automatically handle international shipping rates and then we will email you the revised order for a final approval before we charge your credit card and ship your order.

Please note that we normally ship via Fed Ex International Priority or US Post.


For information on the Customs and VAT taxes for your country, please contact your local Federal Express Service Center. They will have accurate information regarding costs and custom procedures.


We offer a 14 day in home trial on all of our products. If after two weeks you are for any reason not happy with your purchase we will accept a return and credit the full amount of the purchase less the shipping costs. You will need to call us for a Return Authorization number to return any products. Software and PA equipment are final sale, no returns.


Don’t hesitate to email or call us if you have any further questions. We want you to be comfortable and happy before you purchase. Remember that purchasing our product brings you into the ever growing KAT family, and it is our goal to satisfy our customers.


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