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drumKAT / Turbo / DK10 Pedals and Switches


finger switchTired of cables cluttering up your jam space? This 1/4 inch jack Finger Switch is a great alternative to the usual foot switch, and works exactly the same way.

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KF1 (Single Footswitch)

The KF1 (Single Footswitch) comes standard with all KAT Controllers, but additional KF1s can be purchased to take advantage of the multi footswitch inputs on the controllers."Normally Open" momentary footswitch.

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Alternate Mode Brand Trigger Pedals

eKic with pedal


An incredibly sensitive and dynamic "reverse beater" bass drum trigger that uses your own bass drum pedal (or ours...)

Superior Performance The eKIC uses the same "nuBounce" material that is currently used on the malletKAT and trapKAT. This nuBounce material has a very dense molecular makeup, transferring with ease soft hits to the sensor. Because of its density however, it becomes more resistant to harder hits, allowing for harder playability before the sensor reaches dynamic saturation.

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eHat with pedal


Alternate Mode has taken a different approach in solving electronic hihat triggering.  Introducing the eHAT.  

This trigger device has some interesting unique new features never seen on a hihat pedal. The hihat controller has the widest dynamic and controller range of any pedal on the market. This will ensure the smoothest range from open to closed. By using a separate, independent trigger for the "chick", better dynamics are now possible because the "chick" is not interpreted by speed or movement of the foot pedal, but by the actual force applied to the sensor.

Use it on your own bass drum pedal (or use ours)
  • fits underneath your existing bass drum pedal (with a bottom plate)
  • allows for an adjustable feel using the springs and settings on your favorite pedal
  • superior feel because your using a real pedal
  • better response because it’s a real bass drum pedal!
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The TapKAT is a specially modified footswitch that sends a single velocity level when pressed. Industrial strength Velcro keeps the TapKAT in place and it works with most trigger interfaces. Least expensive trigger pedal on the market!

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Additional Trigger Pedals

ePedal Pro AM


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The ePedal Pro AM is the new benchmark for Hi Hat trigger pedals to stand up to. Hart Dynamics specially designed and optimized the ePedal Pro for KAT Percussion.


• Super Heavy Duty design.
• Fully variable (open > closed) control.
• Velocity sensing "foot chic" and "foot splash".
• Adjustable closure point.
• Extra large cast hardened aluminum footboard.
• Powder coated steel non-slip base with Extreme Velcro bottom.
• As close as it gets to acoustic HH cymbal response.
• Extremely quiet and compatable with all "variable Hi Hat" type modules.
• 1/4" connector output format.

Yamaha HH65

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Yamaha HiHat Controller (includes special cable for drumKAT compatibility). This foot pedal makes possible techniques such as fully open, fully closed, half open, foot splashed etc. The height of the footboard is adjustable and the pedal is also equipped with spurs to prevent slippage.

This works for the drumKAT/Turbo and trapKAT XL only. (Not for DK10)
Yamaha KP65

The Yamaha KP65 Kickpad. This large rubber pad is big enough to accommodate a double foot pedal setup.The pad plays quietly with a surprisingly realistic feel. In addition to spurs the base is fitted with a Velcro strip to prevent slippage on carpeted surfaces. Accomodates two beaters (not included); includes stress cable.

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HH-10CV Full Range Hi-Hat Pedal

Pintech HH-10CV Full Range Hi-Hat pedal The professional HH10-CV HyperHat full velocity hi hat control pedal features an ultra smooth full range control operation for realistic hi hat sounds and other melodic sounds. Other features include spring loaded carpet spikes, no slip rubber pads and Velcro strips on bottom plate.

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Pintech Gig Kick 8 inch Bass Drum Pad

Pintech Gig Kick Drum

• Durable and sturdy construction
• 8-inch mesh playing surface for optimal feel
• Metal baseplate
• Spring loaded carpet spikes
• Accepts single and double pedals

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Hart Hammer Kick Pad

The Hart Hammer Kick Pad

• Heavy Duty design.
• Custom blended rubber playing surfaces for unsurpassed "feel".
• Unsurpassed triggering and dynamics.
• Excellent isolation characteristics.
• Non-slip base.
• Accepts ALL single and double beater bass drum pedals.
• Additional beater available for double pedals.
• 1/4" connector output format.
• Lifetime Guarantee.

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